Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 5 for January 28: Unrelated

This is a 5 question meme from and new questions are posted every friday so check back every friday so you can participate too.  The link is right on this website.

1.What’s your favorite kind of cracker?

Ritz low fat.  I love to soak them in my tomato soup or make cheese, cracker, and sausage sandwiches.  Yummy!!

2.What part of your residence gets the best natural lighting? 

Our TV room cause the big window lets the sun in come in.

3.What song have you frequently listened to lately?

I was just over at a blog and Keeper of the Stars was playing by Tracy Byrd so I hung around even when I was finished just so I could listen to the rest of the song.

4.What could you use a little break from? 

 I could use a break from Cleaning the house including laundry, dishes, etc..

5.What’s going on in your town this weekend? 

Nothing that I know of. 

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