Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Mermaid's Mirror - L. K. Madigan

I really liked "The Mermaid's Mirror". Its something different from what I've been reading lately and so I found it as a breath of fresh air. The story was very creative and I sure hope there is a sequel because I would love to read it.

Lena has been watching all her friends surf but she was never able to. Her dad had an accident early back and almost died, so he isn't even willing to step in the water much less teach her how to surf.

For Lena's 16th birthday, her boyfriend's, Kai, sister offers to give her surfing lessons. So she can't stand not surfing any longer and eventually accepts. Lena has this pull torward the water. She walks along the beach just about everyday and on her 16th birthday, she swears that she sees a mermaid. A beautiful mermaid. She is determined, against her father's wishes, to learn to surf so she can explore the waves ans search for the mermaid. Once she learns, she takes her board out to Magic Crescent Cove when even the experienced surfers won't surf that day. She's out in the ocean surfing and then she is caught in the rip tide. While she is in the riptide, the mermaid puts a key into her hand. Now she knows that she's not crazy and there really is a mermaid out there. The key has to fit in something so she starts searching every key hole she can find. When she's snooping through her parents room, she finds a death certificate from her birth mother's suicide. Then she is about to give up before she gets caught, when she sees a chair in a spot where it wouldn't be of any use. She moves it and pulls up the carpet and finds a sea chest. Bingo! The key fit. When she opens the chest, she finds photos and other items along with a mirror. Lena looks into the mirror and is shown the sea and mer-people. From then on, Lena's life will never be the same. Her dad comes home and confesses the truth about her mother. Now that Lena knows, what will she do? Will she stay on land with her family or will she stop resisting the call of the sea?

This was a quick and fast paced read. It was non stop entertainment for me. The story was full of mystery, friendship, trust and love. When it ended, I was heartbroken. I personally wouldn't be able to make the decision that she does. How do you choose between family? Lena learns to trust her own heart in the end, even if it hurts herself and those she loves. If you're tired from the recent vampire craze and want something a little different, read this. It was a super cute story!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Shades of Twilight - Martin Sharlow

   After reading the first chapters of "Shades of Twilight", this book had my attention.  Melissa jumps down into the water and almost drowns.  Michael saves her and takes her to the hospital to be checked out.  Later Melissa and Mike start hanging out.  They go to eat but he has already eaten, so she's the only one munching down on a Whopper.  Melissa starts becoming paranoid at nights after leaving work thinking someone or something is watching her, so she constantly is calling Mike to come watch over her or take her places.  When something does attack her, Mike and Melissa start trying to find out how to kill it.  They enlist in the help of Mike's uncle and Melissa's friend, Debbie.  Will anyone be able to stop what's coming after them before someone gets hurt?
   I really did like this book.  Mike was such a courageous character trying to save Melissa all the time.  He was always there to protect her.  If she called him, he would arrive shortly after and would make it just in time to save her.  Melissa, on the other hand, was a bit of a crybaby to me.  She was always crying to Mike.  No matter what was happening, she seemed to sob over it.  She was also a stubborn character.  Anytime she was told to stay in the car or duplex- did she listen? (Nope- always did the complete opposite of what she was told to do and then made the situation worse)  Duh!  Just do what you're told for once and things may not get so bad!!
   I would love to have Mike's car!  Want to know what it was?  A replica of the "Smokey and the Bandit" car.  How awesome would that be?  The only difference was that Mike's was a t-top and Burt Reynold's wasn't.  But I love the idea of that car driving down the street with a HOT vampire behind the wheel:)

   My only dislike about the story is the romance.  I think it was lacking in the romance department.  Hugs and embraces came in plenty, but kisses- not so much.

   Overall, the story was creative and was able to keep me interested.  I do recommend this story for those who enjoy vampires with mystery.  Head on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy:)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bitter Frost - Kailin Gow

   Breena has always dreamed of a magical land with faeries and other magical  creatures.  And in this dream, she and Kian, the Winter Prince, perform a special wedding dance and then chaos  interrupts her dream.  When Breena turns 16, her dream starts to become reality.  She starts seeing magical beings like a goblin, satyrs, and a pixie and just chalks it up to her imagination going wild.  When a missing boy is found with multiple bites and out of his mind, Bree starts to realize that it may not be her imagination after all.
Breena goes home and on the way, she sees a pixie and she's so frightened because pixies bite humans and cause memory loss.  Logan, her best friend, who is all of a sudden very protective of her, comes over.  While they are in the house, the pixie named Delano comes to the door.  Logan fights Delano and Kian appears and leads Breena to her art studio.  But after the door to the studio closes, she is transported with Kian to Feyland.

   What drew me first to "Bitter Frost" was the cover.  I absolutely love the cover of this book with the blue glitter on the girl's lips and on the title.  It just is really catching to me.  Unfortunately the cover was better than the book was.
   During the beginning when Logan comes over on her birthday to make her dinner, they have a whip cream fight.  I loved this scene because it was so fun.
   I loved the character Logan.  He does everything to make Bree happy.  He will do anything for her- fight pixies, Kian and her classmates that are snobby with her. (Who wouldn't want him when he would do that plus he's incredibly attractive, sweet and caring.)
   I really enjoyed reading Kailin's descriptions of Feyland:
"The leaves sparkled, each one giving off a glow like so many tiny fireflies.  The grass murmured beneath me, rolling like waves over the earth."
   I really enjoyed this story overall except for the ending.  Reason being-  It wasn't an ending, just a cliffhanger to read the sequel.  That is why I rated it lower.  When I finished this book, I wasn't feeling fulfilled with having read a full story.

3 1/2 STARS

Wisdom - Amanda Hocking

   "Wisdom" starts off with Alice, Milo, and Bobby visiting Mae, Peter, and newly turned vampire child, Daisy. The trip is cut short when Alice learns of a recent murder of someone close to her. She is determined to find the killer and whether he/she is a human or a vampire. Alice is still torn between Jack and Peter but in a different way than before. She's in love with Jack, but with Peter, it's no longer a blood bond between them and she really enjoys being with him when she learns how caring and thoughtful he is.
   Now that Alice is a vampire, she starts thinking about what she wants to do with her life. Ezra gives her literature and textbooks to read and study to see if she can find anything that interests her. Alice also starts taking lessons to learn how to fight, that way she can destroy the killer.
    I cried while reading "Wisdom". It was full of twists and turns. Alice has an eternity ahead of her so she starts wondering if she made the right decision. She has to put trust in her new vampire family and also some other past characters that came back into her life. The end blew me away. It left plenty of opening for a 5th book. Out of all the possible career choices she was contemplating, she chooses that?!! (If you want to know what "that" is, you'll have to run over to Amazon and pick up a copy of "Wisdom") This is my new favorite series and I read them back to back cause I couldn't get enough. Thank you Amanda for such a wonderful series!! I can't wait for the next installment, so I hope it comes out soon:)


Flutter - Amanda Hocking

Newly turned vampire Alice, takes off with Ezra, Jack and Peter's brother, to go rescue Peter from what is believed as a suicide mission.  Ezra believes that Alice will be the only one able to talk him into coming back home.  Alice felt this was her fault that he was over there to begin with.  While in Finland looking for Peter, Ezra and Alice run into a pack of lycan (vampires who live more like animals) and among them is a man named Leif who tells them where Peter is and how to get to him.  When they all return home, Alice meets Milo's boyfriend, Bobby, learns of Jane's vampire bite addiction, and later Mae's (Ezra's wife) longing to turn her ill great-granddaughter, Daisy who is only 5 years old.  Peter and Jack are trying to get along (but let's face it, when you're in love with the same woman- it can be a little difficult).  When Jane is kidnapped by the lycan, Alice will have to make a decision that could mean life or death.  What will Alice do?  Well if you want to know, go read the book.           
   This story introduces some pretty important characters.  There is a love triangle between Jack, Alice, and Peter.  The lycans become involved in Alice's life along with Jane as the pawn.  I can't help but feel sorry for Peter and at the same time root Alice and Jack on cause they have a true love that can last for an eternity.  I love this book also.  The romance was extremely hot and with all the tension built up and the fight scenes toward the end,  I was left longing for more of this series.  I just can't get enough.  Read this series and I guarantee you'll love it as much as I do:)

Fate - Amanda Hocking

   Alice is caught between her feelings for Jack and Peter.  For Jack it feels natural, but for Peter, its nothing but a purely physical pull towards him and she can't resist what he does to her.  Peter has taken off, which is for the best if he is going to try and kill her.  Alice starts falling in love with Jack and they both try to fight it cause if they give in, Peter can possibly  kill them if he smells Jack on Alice or in her blood.  To make matters worse, Milo - Alice's brother, has an accident and the only way to save him is to turn him into a vampire.
   After Jack turns Milo into a vampire, Ezra later tells Alice that she'll have to wait about 3 years before they can turn her since Jack has his hands full with Milo.  Alice decided to wait because she didn't want to leave Milo behind but now that he's a vampire she feels like she is the one getting left out.  Eventually Milo is able to control his thirst and he takes Jane and Alice to a club where things don't go as planned.  The vampires are still drawn to Alice for some reason and she must try to get out of the club alive with the help of her brother and  best friend, Jane.  Will they make it out without anyone getting hurt?  And will Jack come to the rescue?  You're gonna have to read this and see what happens.
   We're introduced to more characters in "Fate".  There are new vampires trying to harm Alice and everyone is trying to keep her safe.  When I read the very last sentence of the story (I'm not gonna tell you what it is- That would be spoiling the plot) I was immediately starting the third book "Flutter" .  I am addicted to this series.  I NEED it and have to know what happens next.  Read this series.  It is AMAZING!!


My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking

   After leaving a club in the middle of the night, Alice Bonham and her best friend Jane start walking home.  So Alice starts hearing footsteps behind them and so they hurry realizing that the footsteps hurry also.  They take refuge in a deserted parking garage and the men follow in after towards Alice.  She freezes not knowing where Jane has hidden and is about to accept her fate of an early death.  All of a sudden a black Jetta screeches in and the guy inside (wearing pink no doubt) saves her.  He introduces himself as Jack.
   Jack texts Alice and they start hanging out.  They go to a concert (where he lifts her onto his shoulders for the entire event) and everyone seems to look at Jack like he's the only male on the planet.  Alice can't figure out what's different about him and starts considering different theories as to what he's hiding from her.  Alice starts having feelings for him. (Ahem...gorgeous, rich, heroic - who wouldn't right?)
   Jack and his family are vampires and when Alice meets Jack's brother, Peter, she can't resist the urge for them to be together, but the problem is that he wants nothing to do with her.  Now Alice has to sort her true feelings out and decide who and what she wants in life.  But the consequences could be deadly if she chooses wrong.
   Just after reading the opening chapters of "My Blood Approves", I knew I was hooked and would be a huge fan of Amanda Hocking.  I loved this book from the beginning all the way to the end.  I couldn't help but cheer when Jack came in the parking garage to save the day.  Every girl wants their own "Knight in Shining Armor" (But let's face it girls- Who really ever gets one?)
   I started reading it thinking that it was very similar to "Twilight" and then it just started developing into a story all of its own.  Any fans of vampire romance should read this series.  As soon as I finished this book, I went right on to the sequel.  I am HOOKED!!

5 Stars                                                            

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heavenly - Jennifer Laurens

Zoey hasn't had the perfect life. Her brother Luke smokes pot. She parties by drinking ALOT and getting "extra" attention from the boys. Her parents don't pay enough attention to her cause they are constantly worrying over Abria, Zoey's sister who has autism. Well soon her life changes when she meets Matthias, her sister's guardian angel. Not everyone can see Matthias and he's only around when Abria needs him. Zoey and Matthias start hanging together with Abria and she can't seem to get enough of him and soon falls in love with him. Zoey has to cloud her thoughts so Matthias can't read that she's thinking about holding, touching, and kissing him. She even starts singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious over and over in her mind to keep him from her thoughts. What will he do if he finds out? Will he love her back or will he tell her that he isn't able to love?

I've never read a book by Jennifer Laurens. This is my first. It was a quick read that was well written and had everything I was looking for. I have a child with ADHD, and so I was really able to relate with the characters and the reality of it all. "Heavenly" touched me in ways no other book has before. I laughed and cried while reading it. Read this and you won't regret it!! 5 STARS

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora Grey is gonna learn the truth about herself in this book. She is going out with her guardian angel, Patch. Patch drops Nora off and while she is stalling to go, they make out and she tells him that she loves him. He suddenly acts like he has to go. After that, Nora can't help but regret saying it knowing they can't be together because if they are caught, Patch will be sent to Hell. Nothing left to do but break it off with Patch, even though it kills her to do so. So Nora gets to summer school and has Marcie Miller as her new lab partner. Marcie has done nothing but torment Nora so when she hears Patch and Marcie are together, Nora starts hanging with Scott who is a friend from her childhood that used to pick on her, who just moved back town. Vee is dating Patch's friend Rixon, a fallen angel, so Nora starts hanging out with Scott more and more then starts to realize there's something not quite right about him. Is he really who he says he is or is he something more? While at a local shopping center with Vee, Nora thinks she sees her dead father then has nightmares of murders that happened in the past, along with her father's murder, and starts digging around for the truth. Is her father really dead? Well, that is what Nora is going to find out.

After I read "Hush, Hush" , I couldn't wait to get my hands on the sequel. I loved this book and the cliffhanger at the end will leave readers begging for more. I know that I sure am. We get to discover about Nora and a lot of characters that have secrets. Its kept me guessing the entire way. I was heartbroken when Nora broke up with Patch, but it was for his own safety and I respect Nora for her decision. The thing about this book though is that Patch and Nora really aren't away from each other very much because they keep "running" into each other at parties, pool halls, and plenty of other unexpected places. There is plenty of romance (my favorite part), action, and mystery so if you get a chance to read this book...Read it!! 4 1/2 - 5 STARS