Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bitter Frost - Kailin Gow

   Breena has always dreamed of a magical land with faeries and other magical  creatures.  And in this dream, she and Kian, the Winter Prince, perform a special wedding dance and then chaos  interrupts her dream.  When Breena turns 16, her dream starts to become reality.  She starts seeing magical beings like a goblin, satyrs, and a pixie and just chalks it up to her imagination going wild.  When a missing boy is found with multiple bites and out of his mind, Bree starts to realize that it may not be her imagination after all.
Breena goes home and on the way, she sees a pixie and she's so frightened because pixies bite humans and cause memory loss.  Logan, her best friend, who is all of a sudden very protective of her, comes over.  While they are in the house, the pixie named Delano comes to the door.  Logan fights Delano and Kian appears and leads Breena to her art studio.  But after the door to the studio closes, she is transported with Kian to Feyland.

   What drew me first to "Bitter Frost" was the cover.  I absolutely love the cover of this book with the blue glitter on the girl's lips and on the title.  It just is really catching to me.  Unfortunately the cover was better than the book was.
   During the beginning when Logan comes over on her birthday to make her dinner, they have a whip cream fight.  I loved this scene because it was so fun.
   I loved the character Logan.  He does everything to make Bree happy.  He will do anything for her- fight pixies, Kian and her classmates that are snobby with her. (Who wouldn't want him when he would do that plus he's incredibly attractive, sweet and caring.)
   I really enjoyed reading Kailin's descriptions of Feyland:
"The leaves sparkled, each one giving off a glow like so many tiny fireflies.  The grass murmured beneath me, rolling like waves over the earth."
   I really enjoyed this story overall except for the ending.  Reason being-  It wasn't an ending, just a cliffhanger to read the sequel.  That is why I rated it lower.  When I finished this book, I wasn't feeling fulfilled with having read a full story.

3 1/2 STARS

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