Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Torment (Fallen #2) - Lauren Kate

Daniel is a fallen angel. Luce is the love of his life. She normally in all her previous lives would spontaneously combust, but this time she hasn't and Daniel has to send her to Shoreline - a school that has a protective shield and many Nephilim. Luce has teachers who are angels and demons, and they will be able to help protect her from the beings that want to hurt her. She starts making friends and learning a bunch of helpful information about the Announcers, the shadows, and stars wondering if she is really meant to be with Daniel after all or if all this torment needs to end once and for all.

Lauren Kate did not disappoint me in the romance department while I was reading this book. Luce just can't deny the chemistry and history between her and Daniel. The romantic places that he takes her away to make me melt as they hold and kiss each other. He'll do anything to protect her and what more could a girl ask for. When I read the back of the book, I got a little scared that Daniel wouldn't be in the story very much since he takes Luce to Shoreline, but he makes plenty of visits and doesn't leave me disappointed. It's pretty interesting to learn what Luce can do with the shadows and how her new friends keep helping her so she doesn't have to do it alone. I'm glad that the new characters are introduced and some of the older ones from Sword & Cross appear in the story as well. Overall, it was a delightful read and I can't wait for book 3 in the Fallen series.
4 1/2 - 5 STARS

Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin

Avery Hood can't remember what happened the night that her parents were murdered. All she can remember is silver and being covered in blood from trying to piece them back together. The new boy in school, Ben, befriends Avery and they start falling for each other very quickly. Avery sees silver in Ben's eyes and starts trying to figure out what happened on that tragic night and if Ben, who can't remember what happened the night her parents were killed, was the one who did it. She learns that he does have a secret about him, that he's a werewolf, but she already has this amazing connection with him and she doesn't want to lose it. When the truth is finally revealed, will it be too late?

Thank you Ivy Devlin for writing such an amazing book!!! The connection between the characters was so romantic, I fell for Ben myself while reading this story. I adored the way they risked so much to be together, and how they were able to connect through their feelings and thoughts. Let's not forget the mysterious murders in the story and the suspects I kept adding to my list. I never would have predicted the outcome of the story. I was able to devour this book very quickly and enjoyed every bit of it. I just wished that it didn't end so soon. I totally recommend this book to paranormal romance lovers. If there is gonna be a sequel, I hope to find it soon cause its gonna be good!! 4 1/2 - 5 STARS

Forgive My Fins - Tera Lynn Childs

Lily is half human and half mermaid. She lives with her aunt on land and goes to school with Brody. She's had a crush on Brody since she first saw him in the ocean. He just looked like he belonged there. Lily also has a pesky neighbor, Quince, that annoys her all the time. She finally gets up the nerve to ask Brody to the Spring Fling and he says "no". She goes to sulk in the bathroom when Quince comes in and consoles her. Later Quince comes up with a plan to try and get Brody and Lily alone, only it's not Brody whe ends up alone's Quince. She thinks she's alone with Brody so they kiss and she realizes its Quince she is actually kissing. Lily kissing Quince has bonded them and Quince is gonna turn to a merman. Now Lily has to take Quince to meet the King and get the bonding removed so she can be with the one she truly loves.
This is such a cute love story! It was a quick read that kept me entertained the entire time. I actually had fun reading this story. There were so many twists and turns, I couldn't predict what was gonna happen next - though I did try. The sea terminology that Tera used when writing this story had me laughing at random moments and my family thought I was going insane. She created a funny, adventurous romance with "Forgive My Fins" and I would love to read the seaquel (LOL... get it SEAquel) HAHA...see I can come up with my own terminology too:) Just read this cause its really good. 4 STARS

Sleepless - Cyn Balog

Eron is a sandman. He puts his charges to sleep through seduction but never touches them or communicates with them. His job is to protect his charges. His 100 years as a sandman are almost up and he can return to being human in just a few weeks. Julia is one of his charges. Her boyfriend Griffin recently passed away and is gonna be Eron's replacement. Griffin is having a hard time letting go of Julia and starts leaving signs showing that he may be dead, but he is still watching her and that she still belongs to him. After years of putting Julia to sleep and watching out for her, Eron starts falling for her and even though it's not allowed, while he is transitioning to become human, he risks everything to be with her and not forget about her.
My thoughts on this book: I loved it! I love the characters and the plot. "Sleepless" kept me reading into the night while everyone else was sleeping. The way it was written made me feel that I was actually a real character in the story. I could relate with the characters and their feelings and so while I was reading, I was constantly rooting for Eron and Julia. When I was finished, I kept opening my eyes in hopes that maybe my own sandman would come. I can't wait to see what Cyn Balog has up her sleeve next. I recommend this story for those that love paranormal romance but are tired of the usual vampires and werewolves. 4 1/2 STARS

Swoon - Nina Malkin

Pen falls from a tree and almost dies. During her fall, a man from 1769 named Sinclair Youngblood Powers, aka Sin, steps in and takes possession of her body. He wants revenge on the ones responsible for his beloveds, Hannah, death and their unborn child. Candice ,aka Dice, tells Pen she's possessed and they set to exorcise Sin out of Pen but only end up turning him to a real person. Now Dice is falling for Sin even though he is going around and causing chaos all over Swoon to make everyone pay for something their ancestors did. So Dice has to try and get Sin to work with her so they can investigate what really happened and who was responsible for Hannah's death.
Overall, I didn't enjoy this story as well as I thought I would. The way it was written left me confused most of the time. Nina Malkin kept using big words in the story. It was almost as if she had a thesaurus right by her computer looking up synonyms as she wrote "Swoon". I liked Sin and Dice, and their push and pull relationship. Dice kept pushing Sin away after she would learn of one of his incidents causing havoc on the town, but yet she was still in love with Sin and wanted to try to help him the best way she could. This story had drugs, strong sexual content, and burglary so just be advised when you read it what you are getting yourself into. 2 - 2 1/2 stars

Monster High - Lisi Harrison

The story takes place in Salem; not Mass but Oregon. Melody Carver is a normie and Frankie Stein is a monster, well not really, but that is what the normies would call her if they knew her true identity. Frankie dreams of the day that she can walk in public as herself and not have to disguise her neck seams, bolts, and her green skin with scarves and loads of makeup. Melody meets her new neighbor, Jackson, who has a secret of his own. When Melody learns of his secret and of the "monsters" at Merston High, she'll have to decide who her real friends are and what she's going to do with this newfound knowledge.
The way this story is written is really confusing at first. Lisi goes back and forth between Melody's and Frankie's viewpoints that I was forgetting who was friends with who. I did enjoy the idea of real movie-like monsters hiding out in the real world to keep their true identities safe. Frankie just wants to be able to exist as herself and not be ridiculed for who and what she really is and I can't blame her. To have to hide yourself away from the rest of the world because of the chaos that would become if her truth was revealed would be a real shame knowing what a great person she is inside. Melody, on the other hand, doesn't feel beautiful even after her plastic surgeon father redid her nose. She wants people to like her for who she is and not what she looks like on the outside. So when their worlds collide, they'll have to decide if they want to work together or stay away and keep each other's secrets. This is just a book I would recommend if you're bored and can't find anything else to do. It had me yawning at times and the confusion of the characters didn't help. Even trying to write my thoughts on this book was confusing LOL...3- 3 1/2 stars at the most from me.