Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Torment (Fallen #2) - Lauren Kate

Daniel is a fallen angel. Luce is the love of his life. She normally in all her previous lives would spontaneously combust, but this time she hasn't and Daniel has to send her to Shoreline - a school that has a protective shield and many Nephilim. Luce has teachers who are angels and demons, and they will be able to help protect her from the beings that want to hurt her. She starts making friends and learning a bunch of helpful information about the Announcers, the shadows, and stars wondering if she is really meant to be with Daniel after all or if all this torment needs to end once and for all.

Lauren Kate did not disappoint me in the romance department while I was reading this book. Luce just can't deny the chemistry and history between her and Daniel. The romantic places that he takes her away to make me melt as they hold and kiss each other. He'll do anything to protect her and what more could a girl ask for. When I read the back of the book, I got a little scared that Daniel wouldn't be in the story very much since he takes Luce to Shoreline, but he makes plenty of visits and doesn't leave me disappointed. It's pretty interesting to learn what Luce can do with the shadows and how her new friends keep helping her so she doesn't have to do it alone. I'm glad that the new characters are introduced and some of the older ones from Sword & Cross appear in the story as well. Overall, it was a delightful read and I can't wait for book 3 in the Fallen series.
4 1/2 - 5 STARS

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