Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin

Avery Hood can't remember what happened the night that her parents were murdered. All she can remember is silver and being covered in blood from trying to piece them back together. The new boy in school, Ben, befriends Avery and they start falling for each other very quickly. Avery sees silver in Ben's eyes and starts trying to figure out what happened on that tragic night and if Ben, who can't remember what happened the night her parents were killed, was the one who did it. She learns that he does have a secret about him, that he's a werewolf, but she already has this amazing connection with him and she doesn't want to lose it. When the truth is finally revealed, will it be too late?

Thank you Ivy Devlin for writing such an amazing book!!! The connection between the characters was so romantic, I fell for Ben myself while reading this story. I adored the way they risked so much to be together, and how they were able to connect through their feelings and thoughts. Let's not forget the mysterious murders in the story and the suspects I kept adding to my list. I never would have predicted the outcome of the story. I was able to devour this book very quickly and enjoyed every bit of it. I just wished that it didn't end so soon. I totally recommend this book to paranormal romance lovers. If there is gonna be a sequel, I hope to find it soon cause its gonna be good!! 4 1/2 - 5 STARS

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