Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swoon - Nina Malkin

Pen falls from a tree and almost dies. During her fall, a man from 1769 named Sinclair Youngblood Powers, aka Sin, steps in and takes possession of her body. He wants revenge on the ones responsible for his beloveds, Hannah, death and their unborn child. Candice ,aka Dice, tells Pen she's possessed and they set to exorcise Sin out of Pen but only end up turning him to a real person. Now Dice is falling for Sin even though he is going around and causing chaos all over Swoon to make everyone pay for something their ancestors did. So Dice has to try and get Sin to work with her so they can investigate what really happened and who was responsible for Hannah's death.
Overall, I didn't enjoy this story as well as I thought I would. The way it was written left me confused most of the time. Nina Malkin kept using big words in the story. It was almost as if she had a thesaurus right by her computer looking up synonyms as she wrote "Swoon". I liked Sin and Dice, and their push and pull relationship. Dice kept pushing Sin away after she would learn of one of his incidents causing havoc on the town, but yet she was still in love with Sin and wanted to try to help him the best way she could. This story had drugs, strong sexual content, and burglary so just be advised when you read it what you are getting yourself into. 2 - 2 1/2 stars

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