Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fate - Amanda Hocking

   Alice is caught between her feelings for Jack and Peter.  For Jack it feels natural, but for Peter, its nothing but a purely physical pull towards him and she can't resist what he does to her.  Peter has taken off, which is for the best if he is going to try and kill her.  Alice starts falling in love with Jack and they both try to fight it cause if they give in, Peter can possibly  kill them if he smells Jack on Alice or in her blood.  To make matters worse, Milo - Alice's brother, has an accident and the only way to save him is to turn him into a vampire.
   After Jack turns Milo into a vampire, Ezra later tells Alice that she'll have to wait about 3 years before they can turn her since Jack has his hands full with Milo.  Alice decided to wait because she didn't want to leave Milo behind but now that he's a vampire she feels like she is the one getting left out.  Eventually Milo is able to control his thirst and he takes Jane and Alice to a club where things don't go as planned.  The vampires are still drawn to Alice for some reason and she must try to get out of the club alive with the help of her brother and  best friend, Jane.  Will they make it out without anyone getting hurt?  And will Jack come to the rescue?  You're gonna have to read this and see what happens.
   We're introduced to more characters in "Fate".  There are new vampires trying to harm Alice and everyone is trying to keep her safe.  When I read the very last sentence of the story (I'm not gonna tell you what it is- That would be spoiling the plot) I was immediately starting the third book "Flutter" .  I am addicted to this series.  I NEED it and have to know what happens next.  Read this series.  It is AMAZING!!


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