Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Mermaid's Mirror - L. K. Madigan

I really liked "The Mermaid's Mirror". Its something different from what I've been reading lately and so I found it as a breath of fresh air. The story was very creative and I sure hope there is a sequel because I would love to read it.

Lena has been watching all her friends surf but she was never able to. Her dad had an accident early back and almost died, so he isn't even willing to step in the water much less teach her how to surf.

For Lena's 16th birthday, her boyfriend's, Kai, sister offers to give her surfing lessons. So she can't stand not surfing any longer and eventually accepts. Lena has this pull torward the water. She walks along the beach just about everyday and on her 16th birthday, she swears that she sees a mermaid. A beautiful mermaid. She is determined, against her father's wishes, to learn to surf so she can explore the waves ans search for the mermaid. Once she learns, she takes her board out to Magic Crescent Cove when even the experienced surfers won't surf that day. She's out in the ocean surfing and then she is caught in the rip tide. While she is in the riptide, the mermaid puts a key into her hand. Now she knows that she's not crazy and there really is a mermaid out there. The key has to fit in something so she starts searching every key hole she can find. When she's snooping through her parents room, she finds a death certificate from her birth mother's suicide. Then she is about to give up before she gets caught, when she sees a chair in a spot where it wouldn't be of any use. She moves it and pulls up the carpet and finds a sea chest. Bingo! The key fit. When she opens the chest, she finds photos and other items along with a mirror. Lena looks into the mirror and is shown the sea and mer-people. From then on, Lena's life will never be the same. Her dad comes home and confesses the truth about her mother. Now that Lena knows, what will she do? Will she stay on land with her family or will she stop resisting the call of the sea?

This was a quick and fast paced read. It was non stop entertainment for me. The story was full of mystery, friendship, trust and love. When it ended, I was heartbroken. I personally wouldn't be able to make the decision that she does. How do you choose between family? Lena learns to trust her own heart in the end, even if it hurts herself and those she loves. If you're tired from the recent vampire craze and want something a little different, read this. It was a super cute story!


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