Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wisdom - Amanda Hocking

   "Wisdom" starts off with Alice, Milo, and Bobby visiting Mae, Peter, and newly turned vampire child, Daisy. The trip is cut short when Alice learns of a recent murder of someone close to her. She is determined to find the killer and whether he/she is a human or a vampire. Alice is still torn between Jack and Peter but in a different way than before. She's in love with Jack, but with Peter, it's no longer a blood bond between them and she really enjoys being with him when she learns how caring and thoughtful he is.
   Now that Alice is a vampire, she starts thinking about what she wants to do with her life. Ezra gives her literature and textbooks to read and study to see if she can find anything that interests her. Alice also starts taking lessons to learn how to fight, that way she can destroy the killer.
    I cried while reading "Wisdom". It was full of twists and turns. Alice has an eternity ahead of her so she starts wondering if she made the right decision. She has to put trust in her new vampire family and also some other past characters that came back into her life. The end blew me away. It left plenty of opening for a 5th book. Out of all the possible career choices she was contemplating, she chooses that?!! (If you want to know what "that" is, you'll have to run over to Amazon and pick up a copy of "Wisdom") This is my new favorite series and I read them back to back cause I couldn't get enough. Thank you Amanda for such a wonderful series!! I can't wait for the next installment, so I hope it comes out soon:)


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