Friday, June 11, 2010

Bleeding Violet - Dia Reeves

Hanna Jarvinen runs away from her home in Dallas, TX where she stayed with her aunt after her father passes away. Her aunt wants to have her put in the nuthouse so she listens to her dead father and heads to Portero on the guidance of her father on how to get there. Her mother Rosalie, doesn't want her to stay but she finally makes her a deal and says if she can make friends and fit in within 2 weeks, she can stay. Hanna thinks no problem until she realizes that this town is weirder than her aunt thought she was.
This book contains a lot of a sci-fi feel to me. There are some explicit sex scenes and hard violence and gore that I wouldn't recommend to younger teenagers. With things like lure- which call you to the window and suck out all your juices and organs and leave this glass shell statue behind, and flying leeches, swans that literally come to life and peck your flesh from your face and other stuff like magic color cards and hidden doors that take you around town, you'll see why I think that this book is a little out there in my opinion and a bit unbelievable.
I came into this story expecting this great paranormal romance but was left with this feeling that I just read something that was far-fetched and a little disappointing. I think if I were to read it again, not that I want to, I might be able to enjoy it more now that I understand everything going on in the plot, but I really don't recommend this title. I only continued reading cause I wanted to know how it ended.

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