Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Kissed A Zombie and I Liked It - Adam Selzer

Ally Rhodes and her friends- Marie, Sadie, and Trinity- are known as the "Vicious Circle" at her school, Cornersville Trace High. They run the paper there which is actually not a paper, but a blog. Ally is personally known as the Ice Queen of the Vicious Circle cause she is always mean and has bad comments to say about everyone. So Ally and her friends are invited to the Cage to review a local band called the Sorry Marios. The Sorry Marios aren't very good but with their new member on drums, Will, a vampire, she goes to do the review. Ally is not impressed with the band until a new singer appears on stage and sings two songs. As soon as she hears the songs that he is singing, which happened to be her favorites from the 30's artists, she automatically starts crushing on this mysterious newcomer, Doug. They start going out and she overcomes his terrible smell, the only outfit he owns, and his mysterious liquid that he must drink every four hours. She assumes he has a disease and feels bad for him and just wants to kiss him over and over and take all his pain away. She soon starts falling for Doug and is not the Ice Queen she once was, but a sympathetic and caring human being. Doug on the other hand isn't human after all. He is what humans call post human, and when Ally finds out, it blows her mind until she starts piecing together all the clues. So Will tries to convince her to convert to a vampire to be with him and Doug wants her to convert to a Zombie to be with him. So now Ally has to decide if she wants to change or remain human.
This was a fast read for me. I couldn't quite relate to any of the characters though. It all just seemed a bit to far fetched for my taste. However, I did enjoy the book and the idea of a girl having to make tough decisions based on her love life. The ending was unexpected and a big letdown for me, but I might try another of Adam Selzer's books if I happen to come across one- But I won't go searching anytime soon.

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