Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chasing Brooklyn - Lisa Schroeder

Written in verse, this story takes you thru the minds of Brooklyn and Nico. Lucca is Nico's brother and Brooklyn's girlfriend who died in an accident and Gabe is their friend that survived the accident that killed Lucca. Lucca starts leaving clues for Nico saying that Brooklyn needs help and Gabe who has recently commited suicide, starts haunting Brooklyn in her dreams. Brooklyn and Nico start connecting with each other thru the help of Lucca. Gabe continues to occur in Brooklyn's dreams but he may have a different agenda than what she thinks. Lucca continues to push his brother towards Brooklyn but when she starts having feelings for Nico, she pushes herself away. Nico tries to get Brooklyn to open up but she won't tell him about Gabe haunting her dreams and he won't tell her about Lucca leaving messages about helping her. It is a story that contains love, sadness, and family issues. I personally cried while reading this story so I was moved by the characters and what they were all feeling and going through.

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