Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Calla, an alpha female, thinks she knows how her future is gonna go. She is gonna go through the union and be mated with Ren who is a strong, popular, and sexy looking alpha male and lead her life doing as a guardian should. She will look after the Keepers and ward off the Searchers. But everything changes when she is on patrol and comes across a boy her age being attacked by a bear in the mountains. She knows it is against everything she was taught and she shouldn't even want to help this human boy, but she can't just sit there and watch this boy be killed. There is just something about him, so she goes against the rules and saves this young man. That is when Calla's life changes and everything that Calla has ever thought of her future will be questioned. She will question her future and where her loyalties really lie when she starts learning the truth of the history of the Keepers. But what she learns may just be a trick to see who her true loyalty really belongs to. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. The lusting among the characters and the suspense in storyline kept my attention. And among all that, drama and action were thrown in there as well to entertain the reader leaving this story an amazing read that I would highly recommend

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