Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy 5) - Richelle Mead

5 STARS!! First of all, I will try to not spoil any of the story so it might sound a bit cryptic reading this, but here it goes. Rose is on a mission with her friends to set Victor free and learn how to change Dimitri from a Strigoi back to a damphir. She is warned by Dimitri that as soon as she leaves the wards of the Academy that he will find her, but she continues her mission anyway to set Victor free and learn the way to "save" a strigoi. Once Rose's trials are finished, she and her friends head off and try to get Victor out of Jail. Once that is completed, they head to Las Vegas to meet up with Victor's brother, Robert. Robert tells them of how he saved a strigoi and then later they are all attacked by strigoi in the hotel. The leader of the strigoi attacking them just happens to be Dimitri. He kept his promise and finds Rose, who is not ready for anyone to kill Dimitri until she has a chance to try to change him back. She did not just do all that she did to have it be for nothing. But saving Dimitri comes at a cost and many lives will be lost. Will she be able to save him? If she does, will he be the same ever again?

This story had me from page one. I can only immagine what Rose would do to save Dimitri. He is the love of her life and since he was changed she has been lost. Of course trying to have a relationship with Adrian isn't the same as being with Dimitri. He was everything to her and she will go to great lengths to save him. I loved the fact that Richelle Mead didn't wait till the end of the book to bring Dimitri into the story. Not only did she not wait, but the middle is where everything in the story changes and the plot leaves readers wanting more all the way to the end. Rose not only has Dimitri and Adrian to deal with, but also new laws beings passed and royals that seem to want to threaten her and her future. She may have graduated the Academy, but here at the Court, she still doesn't know her assignment and what lies ahead for her future or what's going to become of her. I can't wait to read the next installment of Richelle's Vampire Academy because this series is never disappointing! I recommend this book to everyone!

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