Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sea Change - Aimee Friedman

Miranda Merchant is a 16 year old girl who goes with er mother to Selkie Island to help go through the house that her late grandmother left her mom. She meets some new and snobby friends on Selkie Island that tend to challenge her morals. She runs into a handsome boy on the beach one night named Leo. Leo is unlike any boy that she has ever met and he will take her places that her new friends wouldn't dare go. The romance blossoms from the moment Miranda meets Leo at the Marine Research center and then she learns some theories about him that start to push her away. Miranda will learn things about herself and her family that will change her life and her point of view on everything.

This story was slow for the first 40 pages to me, but I was hooked soon after and didn't want to put it down. Sea Change is full of romance and mystery that will take you to a whole new world. Miranda is in for a summer that she will never forget.

The only downfall I have of the book is it leaves you suspended wanting to know more. I think that Aimee could have written an ending to the story that was more closure for the reader. I see no sign of a 2nd book on her site and I think that a lot of readers are gonna be disappointed in that fact. Overall, this was a great story!!

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