Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: Thank You, God, For Daddy by Amy Parker

Title: Thank You, God, for Daddy
Author: Amy Parker
Release Date: May 10th 2011
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Source: NetGalley

Description From Goodreads:

Daddies do so much for us! It’s time to thank God for the blessing they are.
In this adorable board book, a little lion cub thanks God for his wonderful daddy—a daddy who gives big hugs and piggy back rides, who takes great care of him, and most importantly, who offers love, guidance, and encouragement.
Thank You, God, for Daddy;

He scares monsters away.
When Daddy says, “Don’t be afraid,”
I know that it’s okay.
The love and sacrifices of fathers will be celebrated by children everywhere each time they snuggle up to read Thank You, God, for Daddy. 

My Thoughts:

This is a super cute story that shows what a dad can do to show he cares.  He can encourage a child to be the best he can.  He can teach them to work hard and play with them to show he cares.  He can be a hero just by doing little things such as playing together, fixing things that are broken, or a simple good night hug.  This story tells us that the simplest little things a dad can do is what will impact the children the most growing up.  I personally think that all dads out there should read this.  It's a great example of how fathers should interact with their kids and show them that they don't have to be a real superhero to be a hero in their child's eyes.

5 Stars


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