Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: Thank You, God For Mommy by Amy Parker

Author: Amy Parker
Release Date: April 5th 2011
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Source: NetGalley

Mommies do so much for us!

It's time to thank God for the blessing they are.
In this adorable board book,
a little panda thanks God for his wonderful mommy-a mommy who gives hugs and cuddles,
who takes great care of him, and most importantly, who offers love and guidance for her precious panda cub.
Thank You, God, for Mommy,
And lullabies so sweet-
The beating of her great,
big heart
Sings me right to sleep.
The love and sacrifices of mothers everywhere will be celebrated by mother and child as they snuggle up together and say Thank You, God, for Mommy.

My Thoughts:

What a sweet story!  It tells of the special little thing that mothers can do to mean so much to their children.
We learn through the prayers of the young that actions can really show a child how we feel about them.  Things such as caring, being patient, fixing boo boos, simple interactions and playing together can show them how much they're loved.  I think the purpose of this story is to show parents that simple little gestures can make a true difference in a child's life.  If you are a mommy, you should really take the time to read this to your little one.  It just might change your relationship with your child and bring y'all a little closer to each other. 

5 Stars

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